When Celebrities Attack

When Celebrities Attack There is never usually a week that goes by without one celebrity launching an attack on the paparazzi, and as such we present to you a range of celebrities on the attack, and going in for the kill! Britney Spears Letting Rip Justin Bieber Goes Ape Russell Brand at War Sean Penn […] more →
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Celebrities Before and After Finding Fame

It is fair to say that some celebrities blossom with age. However often when looking at pictures before they were famous and comparing them to how they look now you will often find yourself wondering just how many face lifts and other cosmetic procedures they have had! Jennifer Aniston Now and Then Pamela Anderson Now […] more →
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Celebrities Who are Related

You will often be able to easily spot some celebrities who are related, but there are some who you may have had no idea are related, and below are several celebrities who share the same bloodline! Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are Cousins Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts are Aunt and Niece Warren Beatty and […] more →
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Celebrities Urgently Needing Photo Shop

Being caught out in a very unflattering pose is something that every celebrity who takes a step outside their front door runs the very real risk of doing, so take a deep breath and look at the following nasty looking beasts! There is something about the lips   Is it possible to look worse than […] more →
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Celebrities Taking a Tumble

Parading around like you are more important than everyone else is one sad trait many celebrities posses, however when that celebrity goes arse over tits then that can always be relied on to raise many smiles, more so if their fall from grace has been caught on camera! Bend it like Beckham Kathy Griffin Confused […] more →
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Gangster Dating Selfie Fails

You know the score you have to look damn mean and moody to get the ladies these days, and what better way to do that than take a great profile picture and get it loaded up on a dating website. The only problem is that everyone’s definition of mean and moody is different. Safe on […] more →
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Dating Pictures – Always Checkout Your Surroundings

You just never know when a potential hot date is going to message you asking for a picture, but a word of warning, always make sure  you checkout your surroundings before you take that snap and try not to overdo your description for that pic as a first impression goes a long way….. Tennis Fan […] more →
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Dating Profile Picture Fails

Striking the right pose and looking your best is paramount if you want your dating profile picture to get a lot of attention. However, things can go badly wrong when you are paying more attention to the pose than other things! Make sure the house is empty before you start to pose If the above […] more →
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Funny, Sad and Tragic Dating Site Messages

They say the art of conversation is dead, and when you are sending messages back and forth to a potential date online, then you need to read the signs and between the lines of messages received as to whether that possible match is up for it or not! Persistence is never a good thing Its […] more →
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Worrying Dating Site Profiles

You only ever have one chance to make an impression when using a dating website, and this is why, unlike some of the people below, you should spend some time planning what you will say on that profile, if not your profile may just end up on this section of our website! A Kiss will […] more →
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