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You may have your own ideas on what are the top 10 books, however it always pays to open your mind and check out some books that you may never have considered reading before, and with this in mind we wish to present to you below our listing of the top 10 books, have a good look through it as there is quite a diverse range of books for you to consider reading.

The Lord of the Rings

Lord Of The RingsIf you saw the movies, you’ll be familiar with the story.

However, there is nothing quite like imagining in your own head how things looked as they unfolded.

The power of the book is Shelob doesn’t have to be a giant spider cornering Sam and Frodo, but could have been a plethora of small spiders all interconnected to create such a fearsome beast.

So, if you’ve seen the movies, check out the books, you’ll not be disappointed.

Under the Dome

Stephen King - Under The DomeOn a normal day in the small town of Chester’s Mill, something sinister unfolds. One of Stephen King’s longest novels at over 1000 pages long, Under the Dome follows the lives of the inhabitants of Chester’s Mill after a mysterious dome enclaves the entire town.

Unlike a lot of King’s works, Under the Dome isn’t completely Sci-Fi, but more a psychological thriller about the battle for power and dominance. But little do you know, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to Chester’s Mill, and secrets will be uncovered in this page turning masterpiece.

The Night Angel Trilogy

The Night Angel TrilogyThese 3 books written by New York Times bestseller Brent Weeks are absolutely spectacular, not because of the words that are on the page, but for the twisted way in which the teller forces your imagination to conjure images you’d have never thought possible.

Following the highs and lows of the Wetboy Kylar Stern, you’ll find the mythical story gripping from the first page of the first book to the last page of the third!

The Talisman/Black House

Stephen King - The Talisman/Black House

These 2 books by Stephen King and Peter Straub follow a young boy, Jack Sawyer, seeking a cure for his seriously ill mother. Throughout the first book, we follow Jacks journey and coming of age in 2 parallel worlds. In Dark House however, we pick up the story where we left the Talisman, but 20 years on with a now adult Jack Sawyer, where a series of grisly murders have awakened his sub conscious and the memories he has repressed for so long, and now Jack must reawaken his talent and return to the Territories one more time, for his sake and that of everyone around him.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears PradaFor anyone that has worked in fashion, from Beautician to Designer, Receptionist to Legal, this will certainly ring true.

Covering some of the most common problems within the fashion industry from eating disorders to working for a dragon of a manager.

The Devil Wears Prada give a rare and comical view to the workings of high fashion and the high price one has to pay to get up the ladder.

A bit of a girly read, but there is something in there that everyone can identify with.

The Man and his Nightmares

The Man and his NightmaresWe’ve all seen A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, but this is about as close to an autobiography you’ll get from the Nightmare master himself, Wes Craven.

Offering an insight in to the mind and thought processes of the man who you would assume to be a monster, but actually isn’t.

Taking you through the twisted visions of the boiler rooms, the infamous glove and the Scream Mask, if you’ve ever been kept awake, this is a must read.

To Hell and Back

Meat Loaf To Hell and Back

This is Meat Loafs on and only book, and follows him from his youth right up to the height of his success.

Giving you unlimited access to his past, his drunken abusive father, being screwed over by not one but 2 record companies, bankruptcy and the collaboration with Steinman to produce some of the bestselling records of all time.

This gritty, no holds barred book tells you everything, including how he ended up with the name Meatloaf.

The Royals

The RoyalsIf you can get a first edition of this, keep it! Published and subsequently banned in 1997 shortly after the death of Diana Princess of Wales.

This explosive through the keyhole book looks at the most publicised and scrutinised family in the world, offering a rare glimpse into the family heritage, controversies and scandals.

A real page turner!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandSometimes we like to just escape into our own little world, and this is one of those books that not only will you follow Alice into the Rabbit Hole

You’ll find this light hearted read holds so many lessons as an adult.

There is after all a reason it is still so much loved after a century and a half of being in print.

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