The Top 10 Movies To Consider Watching

MoviesThere are no shortages of movies that you can watch either on your DVD player, on the televisions, computer or even at the cinema.

However to help you choose one that you may never have seen before have a good look through our guide to the top 10 movies found below, there are some films listed that you really will enjoy watching!


Set in fascist Spain in 1944, a young girl discovers an escape into a fascinating, yet eerie world from her sadomasochistic step father. It may sound a bit heavy, but it’s not quite that heavy. It offers a lot in regards to a strong, solid storyline, and the gore is kept to a need to see basis. There are a couple of rank scenes, such as the toad, but this terrifyingly twisted fairy tale will keep you wanting more and more. It is in Spanish with English Subs, which also adds to that reading a fairy tale feel.


It’s a shame about this one actually, as a lot of the humour will be lost in the next few generations. However, the film epitomizes everything about being a middle aged to older Brit. The plot sees a group of pensioners with their own sub stories ending up in India, in what can only be described as a hovel with their lovable, yet at times ditzy host, Sonny Kapoor played by Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire). A great coming of age film for those that are already of age!


This Swedish Subtitled film follows domestic partners Goran and Sven who long for nothing more than to adopt. However, when the chance finally comes, a clerical error doesn’t give them a baby of 1.5 years, but instead a 15 year old thug. Funny in parts and delves delicately into the current political climate with a single goal, to show the blending of family life with all its ups and down.


Julia Roberts plays Laura Burney, who fakes her own death to escape her abusive marriage in this retelling of the novel by Nancy Price. Following the breakdown of her marriage after countless beatings, Laura fakes her own death, heading cross country to make a new life for herself. However, things soon begin to unravel.


This comedy of deceit, betrayal and a wonder drug to keep 2 women alive forever is bound to hit a few comedy notes. Starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn, the plot becomes entangled in a way only the best love/hate stories can be. So will it be team Meryl, or team Goldie?


This is a very strong and moving film, based on the play by Brendan Behan. During the Second World War, a republican militant is sent on a bombing mission to Liverpool. Upon being foiled, he is sent to a Borstal camp where his entire life is upended thanks to an unlikely friend, Charlie.


This suspense thriller sees John Travolta and Nicholas Cage pitted against each other in one of the most action packed movies of 1997. Following the story of an FBI agent who undergoes a face transplant to foil an extortion plot, the plan backfires when the convict uses the same method to steal the life of the agent. A must watch.


One of the legendary Tim Burton’s works of art, this gothic romcom/coming of age movie should be on the cards for every child that has outgrown slapstick and needs more substance. Following the gentle Edward, a scientists experiment, this gentle ‘monster’ leaves his mark on a small town while falling for the love he can never have.


No, this isn’t a film that follows boobs and that’s it. This far out comedy starring Demi Moore highlights a lot more than just the hardships of life. Caught in a bitter custody battle, Erin must work as a dancer to make ends meet, during this time, she uncovers a web of deceit, fraud and corruption thanks to a local politician liking of her and his whiskey.


Torch Song follows 3 stages in Arnolds (Harvey Fierstein) life. You see him work through his career and loves won and lost, a constant battle with his loving yet strict Jewish mother who disapproves of his lifestyle through cutting anecdotes, quickly responded to with acidic comebacks, Torch Song sees Anne Bancroft shine alongside Harvey, while Matthew Broderick made his screen debut as Arnolds love, Allan.

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