Top 10 Wedding First Dance Tracks

Wedding First DanceIt can often be a time consuming task when you are planning your wedding and one aspect of the wedding is just what song you will use as the track for your first dance.

Whilst there may be a song that both you and your soon to be husband or wife association with you two meeting, sometimes selecting an appropriate song is difficult.

So if you have been having problems finding the perfect song to use as your first dance track, then fear not as below we have listed the top ten wedding songs as used by tens of thousands of people as the track for their first dance, have a good look through this listing and then listen to each one of them as they all have outstanding qualities and you may then find one which you wish to use!

I’m Yours

What better song than I’m Yours could you possibly want as you first dance song at your wedding, this beautiful song does top the list of many people’s lists of songs they use as the track for their first dance and it is of course sung by Jason Mraz, if you have not heard it them look out for it as it is gorgeous!

A Thousand Years

You will certainly be giving the right impression if you opt to use a Thousand Years as your first dance track as your wedding, this is the perfect song to show everyone that you both mean business and is sung perfectly by Christina Perri, not that anyone will doubt you are in live if you have just got married of course!

At Last

An old one but still a very popular one, that is At Last sung by Etta James, and whilst you may never have heard this timeless classic is may just be the key to finding your first dance track, so keep this one in mind as it is perfect!

Truly Madly Deeply

One song that has stood the test of time well is Truly Madly Deeply as sung by Savage Garden, if there was ever just one song that should be used as the track for your first dance then it is this beauty.


One relatively new song that has started to become extremely popular as the first dance song is Run, as sung by Leona Lewis, having the most beautiful voice and with it mixed in with the lyrics then you really will be showing the world just how much in love you are, and if your new husband isn’t as good as he should be in regards to his dancing moves, he should be able to glide around to the music!

Lets Stay Together

One song that is as old as the hills and one that will certainly make a lasting impressive is Let’s Stay Together as such by the one and only Al Green, a great choice for your first dance, and one that the older members of your family will certainly approve of!

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

There is one thing about Aerosmith, and that is they can certainly bang out a ballad with meaning, and I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing is one such song that many people have chosen to use as their first dance track at their wedding, and boy is it a good choice!


Another song that you may be interested in using as your first dance song is Amazed the version by Lonestar is the first choice of many happy newlywed couples and will certainly be a good choice of song!

Wherever You Will Go

If you have never heard of Charlene Soraia, then before you pick your first dance song at your wedding make sure you listen it her Wherever You Will Go track, it really is beautiful and could be the answer to the choice of song used to show the world just how much in love you two are!


One final song which we think you really ought to check out when searching and hunting around for your first dance track at your wedding is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, an unusual choice for sure but one that not many people attending your wedding are going to forget!

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